Rabbit 101

Rabbits are an excellent source of meat! You can yield at Least 75lbs of rabbit meat per 1 doe if she kindles 5 kits per kindle (which is a low number of kits). Rabbit meat is also the healthiest land meat available as you can see in this chart, the highest in the good stuff, and lowest on the stuff you don't want a ton of : )


Heres a video of how to process rabbits, as you can see, Daniel (Salatin) has it down so well he could still process 3 rabbits blind folded by the time I finish one. But.. Practice makes perfect:) Looking forward to getting faster.


Rabbits are something that I intend to keep growing here on my farm, as it is one of the easiest animals to manage as a young woman who doesn't have help doing the day to day grind. I highly recommend them for folks who want to be more self-sufficient, even if don't have a large piece of land, a backyard will do! 

This is the current style of pen we use on our farm for the rabbits. There are many slats as the base because rabbits can, and will dig! Slats are a must for any tractor : ) 

Polyface Rabbit "Hare Pen"


I will be attempting to use Ethan Book's (of the Beginning Farmer Show Podcast) style of pens this summer so that my breeders will also get to live their lives on pasture! 


Also, the last thing I wanted to share with y'all was a link to Rise and Shine Rabbitry. While I do not agree with everything they do, they still have a TON of content on their site that will help you learn how to raise rabbits! 


I hope y'all enjoyed the show, I know I am still pretty boring, and can totally go off on a rabbit trails (pun-intended) but I will get better with time : ) Please subscribe and leave reviews on iTunes! And if you have any questions, please ask on this blog and I will try to answer asap. 

Hope to see you all this Saturday here at the farm from 9-1 for our Meat Market + Open Farm - 9923 N Roxboro Rd Bahama NC 27503 - just 20 min north of downtown durham! 

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  • Sarah

    Nice. We raise rabbits in our backyard in the city. Just curious, how many breeders do you have and what breeds are they?

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