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This is my first post. I am kind of nervous to begin this blog. I have always wanted to start one, but because of me worrying that I will not stick with it, I never have. I promise, I will try:) 

I am a 25 year old beginning farmer. I own Blue Whistler Farm, a 5 acre farmstead, with my husband Josh, just 20 minutes north of downtown Durham, NC. On our farmstead we raise livestock on pasture, and provide meats such as lamb, pork, rabbit, egg layers, turkey, and broilers. We also have a garden, are growing an orchard, a vineyard and have honeybees. 

I use the term "Farmstead" because while we do sell hundreds of pounds of meat every year, we also use our land as much as possible to sustain our family. I grow a rather large garden, have plenty of fruit trees, bushes, and vines in the ground, and am adding more every year, and am wanting to start mushroom logs, get a milk cow, and am currently attempting to learn how to tan rabbit hides with my friend Dusty, who also raises rabbits. We want to sustain ourselves as much as possible here at BWF.

I believe we are right in the middle of a farm and a homestead, but I will generally refer to it as a farm, because to the general public, we are a farm.  

It is my goal with our farm to help our community learn more about sustainable farms. We have many agritourism events, and have on-farm markets, as to let people see the practices we use on our farm. 

We want people to come to our farm, to see the animals in the fields, to meet their farmers, and know that they can trust the practices, and the people raising their food.

I hope you all get to know me better through this blog, to see the challenges and victories I go through here at the farm, to come along side me, and help me become the best farmer I can be. 

Please stay connected with us on Facebook, Instagram (Blue Whistler Farm) Twitter and Periscope (@Bluewhistlernc) 

#Knowyourfood #Knowyourfarmer


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  • Susie moody

    Thank you for your passion to wanting to share and educate others.
    Please contact me when your up and running again. Susie

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